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What is the meaning of fire extinguisher colours?

What is the meaning of fire extinguisher colours on the different extinguishing agents available in buildings? Walking through any workplace or public building, you’ve probably seen fire extinguishers near entrance doors or fire escapes. Sometimes, you may spot two or more fire extinguishers beside each other. They are all red and it can be hard to tell the difference. But, take a closer look and cast your attention upon the small labels and different nozzles shape. Now, you can see the difference! 

So, why is it important to tell the difference between each type? – When a fire starts to attack the building, there won’t be time to check the labels. In the upcoming guide, we will take you through the different types of fire extinguishers and their uses to identify them quickly in case of an emergency.  

Each color represents a different fire extinguisher. It is important to know the different types to grab the right extinguisher at the time of need. So lets define the meaning of different fire extinguisher colours.

Meaning of the different fire extinguisher colours available

What is the meaning of fire extinguisher colours?
Fire extinguisher colour codes
  • Water: To begin with, water extinguishers are all red with the word “water” or “aqua spray” printed in white letters. 
  • Foam: Foam Extinguisher is all red with the word “foam” printed in a cream rectangle.
  • Powder: Powder Extinguisher is all red with the word “powder” printed in white letters inside a blue rectangle.
  • Carbon dioxide: The carbon dioxide Extinguisher is all red with the word “CO2” printed in white letters inside a black rectangle.
  • Wet Chemical: Lastly, the wet Chemical Extinguisher is red with the word “Wet Chemical” printed inside a yellow rectangle.:

How does a fire extinguisher work?

You must know how to use a fire extinguisher to be ready if you have to put out any sudden fires. It is easy to use when you familiarize yourself with the four steps of the P.A.S.S technique.

  • P: Pull the pin to break the tamper seal
  • A: Aim the extinguisher low, with the nozzle directed at the firebase
  • S: Squeeze the handle to spray the extinguishing agent
  • S: Sweep from side to side while pointing the extinguishing agent at the firebase 

If the flames re-ignite, evacuate the building immediately and start to repeat the same steps over and over.