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Refrigeration Materials

Refrigeration in Nairobi Kenya

What is refrigeration?
Refrigeration can be defined as a cooling a space, substance or system to lower and/or maintain its temperature below the ambient one (while the removed heat is rejected at a higher temperature). The Refrigeration basic principle is that with the aid of a heat pump, the refrigerant is being compressed to the condenser and capillary tube thus increasing its temperature (50-60°C) and pressure (750 kPa) in the refrigerator being cooled down by the condensing unit to 32°C depending the existing ambient temperature.

What is a refrigerant?
A refrigerant is a working fluid used in the refrigeration cycle of air conditioning systems and heat pumps where in most cases they undergo a repeated phase transition from a liquid to a gas and back again.

Dandy Solutions LTD’s commitment to ensuring efficient refrigeration systems has enabled us to stock the following types of refrigeration Freon gases:
• R134a refrigeration freon gas
• R22 refrigeration freon gas
• R404a refrigeration freon gas
• R407c refrigeration freon gas
• R410a refrigeration freon gas
• R507 refrigeration freon gas
• R600a refrigeration freon gas
• R90 refrigeration freon gas

Other refrigeration items include: copper pipes (tubes) and cold room door rubber gaskets. Whatever Freon gas your refrigeration systems needs, you can be sure to get it from us at very competitive prices.

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