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How to fix a leaky roof when its raining

How to seal leaks in iron sheets in Nairobi Kenya

How do you then fix a leaky roof when its raining? Before we answer this, its prudent that we understand the source of the problem. Corrugated metal roofs are vulnerable to excessive moisture and damage from strong winds. The individual panels are attached to wood or metal trusses with steel nails or screws that can rust and cause leaks. Strong winds can separate the overlapping edges of the panels and allow the roof to leak.

How to fix a leaky roof when it’s raining

To begin with, fixing leaks in a corrugated metal roof starts with locating the source of the leaks. Thereafter, use the butyl aluminium tape to permanently fix the leaks/holes. Aluminium Butyl tape combines tough, durable aluminum foil with tacky butyl rubber adhesive to form an instant airtight and waterproof bond that permanently seals leaks and gaps. The tape can form an instant seal against water, air or dust, and remain permanently soft which acts as a permanent solution to fix a leaky roof when its raining.

Aluminium butyl tape

Composition of butyl tape

Butyl Tape is a highly tacky, self-fusing butyl rubber mastic, ideal for making water and humidity resistant seals. The tape is a high tack sealant with excellent adhesion to metal, other roofing, and other insulating materials. Moreover, butyl tape maintains its tack and flexibility to temperatures as low as -20 degrees, and It maintains no flow at temperatures as high as 120 degrees.

Common applications include repairing cracks, leaks, and gaps as it forms a permanent airtight and waterproof seal. Other key features of aluminium butyl tapes include; Bonds to virtually any surface, Performs in all weather conditions, Great for indoor and outdoor use. Lastly, butyl tape is ideal for sealing pipes, gutters, roof alleys, trailers, shipping containers. Furthermore, the tape adheres quickly to almost any surface and is cold, heat, and water resistant

Aluminium Butyl Tapes in Nairobi Kenya

How to use aluminium butyl tape

Aluminium butyl tape is very easy to use.

1: To begin with, remove any excessive dirt/dust to ensure a good adhesive surface

2: Secondly, measure and cut the tape.

3: Next, align the tape to the surface

4: Remove the adhesion protector film

5: Lastly, apply even pressure on the tape

Main uses of Aluminium Butyl Waterproof Sealing Foil Tape include:

  1. Aluminium foil tape for repairing cracks, leaks, and gaps
  2. Great for indoor and outdoor use
  3. Ideal for sealing pipes, gutters, roof alleys, trailers, shipping containers
  4. This sealant tape is widely used in roofing of the building
  5. Used to seal surface cracks
  6. Lastly, butyl tape is used to repair RV, window, boat Sealing, glass and roof patching

Available sizes

  1. 5cm * 5m
  2. 10cm * 5m

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