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How to Choose The Right Flashing Tape

Builders have long battled the intrusion of unwanted moisture and air into their structures. Water is a major factor in building damage, causing mold, decay, and corrosion responsible for structural durability and health issues.

How to Choose The Right Flashing Tape is an important technique that allows you to get the best results in waterproofing and sealing leaks
How to Choose The Right Flashing Tape

How to Choose The Right Flashing Tape is an important technique that allows you to get the best results in waterproofing and sealing leaks. When it comes to choosing the right flashing tape, here’s what you need to consider:

UV Protection

It is essential to know how much UV protection a roll of tape has, especially if the tape is going to be exposed for long periods. Sunlight degrades certain tapes and will become less effective over time if it does not have UV protection built-into the tape.

Modified Bitumen vs. Butyl vs. Acrylic

Many contractors will choose a more cost-effective bitumen flashing, which is made from petroleum and asphalt. However, it will dry out over time, reducing the effectiveness of flashing.

The next step up would be butyl adhesive technology, but not all butyls are created equal. While most butyl rubber products bond better to difficult substrates than modified bitumen and can be peeled off and adjusted dur­ing installation, it is crucial to look carefully at the temperature range. Some butyl adhesives are modified and stay more flexible in cold weather and more stable at high temperatures.

Cold Weather

Temperature plays a key role in choosing the right flashing tape. In general, modi­fied-bitumen products do not work well in cold weather. Most become less sticky at around 50°F and will not stick well below about 40°F. A butyl-based product is the better choice for cold weather.


Last, but not least, proper installation is paramount.

To obtain good results and maintain warranty coverage, it is critical to follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. These vary from product to product, but generally, they address the same issues: installation techniques, application temperatures and compatibility with substrates as well as surrounding materials that come into contact with the membrane.

Compatibility of materials is critical, especially on hard to bond materials, which is why choosing the right tape for the application is as important as proper installation.

Available sizes of flashing tapes include;

  1. 5cm * 5m
  2. 5cm * 10m
  3. 10cm * 5m
  4. 10cm *10m

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