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Fire sprinklers in Nairobi Kenya

Fire sprinklers are essential in any fire protection system in Nairobi Kenya, serving as the first line of defense against sudden fires. A fire sprinkler system provides enough water to suppress the flames before going out of control. They offer safe protection, giving extra time for a safe evacuation of the building. These wet pipe systems have proven their worth in controlling hazards without extensive damages.

Fire sprinklers in Nairobi Kenya
Fire sprinkler head in Nairobi Kenya

So, how do sprinkler systems work?

When a blaze ignites, the air starts to heat quickly, rising towards the ceiling, and hence, triggering the sprinkler system. The system consists of a glass bulb, filled with a glycerin liquid, which expands on contacting high temperature. When the liquid expands, it shatters the glass and activates the sprinkler, which is connected to a water source. The pipe system includes pressurized water, which springs out when heat occurs, submerging the flames and avoiding the re-ignition.

UPRIGHT-SPRINKLER list of fire fighting Equipment

Fire Sprinklers in Nairobi Kenya are used for;

  1.  Commercial offices
  2. Restaurants and eating areas
  3.  Warehouses
  4. Commercial kitchens.
  5. industrial organizations
  6. Multi or single-family residences