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Fire safety signages in Nairobi Kenya

Fire safety signages in Nairobi Kenya are illuminated signs or acoustic signals that provide information on escape routes and emergency exits. Moreover, they provide information on the identification or location of fire fighting equipment or give warning in case of fire. Safety signs are everywhere. In dangerous situations, they tell you what to do, where to go, and where to find vital equipment. Common life and fire safety signages in Nairobi Kenya include:

Most people don’t think about safety signs until they need them. But artists and experts around the world meticulously design safety signs so that they are easily visible and understandable, especially under duress during an emergency.

Fire safety signages in Nairobi Kenya
Fire assembly point signage in Nairobi Kenya

International standardization makes sure that these signs are understood by everyone, even if they don’t speak the local language or can’t read at all. The International Organization for Standardization (also known as ISO; in Greek “isos” means “same”) publishes international norms for all sorts of things. Their standards for brewing tea may not be the most popular, but their list of approved safety signs is used the world over.

ISO says that good safety signs give information “that relies as little as possible on the use of words to achieve understanding.” For example, consider what went into designing fallout shelter signs during the Cold War. You may remember these signs, and you can still find them in the basements of older buildings. Simplicity, ease of identification, and understandability for non-English speakers are core tenants of the design of safety signs across the world. The use of pictograms rather than words is a significant design technique. 

Fire safety signages in Nairobi Kenya

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