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Fire-resistant cables in Nairobi Kenya

Fire-resistant cables available in Nairobi Kenya are cables that maintain safe operation for a certain period under flame-burning conditions. Fire-resistant wires are widely used in high-rise buildings, subways, underground shopping malls, power stations, and important industrial and mining enterprises related to fire safety and fire rescue. For example, power supply wires and control wires for fire fighting facilities.

Fire-resistant cables can maintain normal operation for a certain period under flame burning conditions and maintain the line’s integrity. The amount of smoke produced when burning fire-resistant cable is less, especially with refractory materials, making fire-resistant flame retardant performance, especially in the case of burning, accompanied by water sprinkling and fire fighting, the cable can still maintain the integrity of the wire operation.

Where can I buy fire-resistant cables in Nairobi Kenya?

Dandy Solutions LTD is the leading wholesale supplier of fire resistant cables in Nairobi Kenya. We stock all types of fire-resistant cables. These include;

1. 1.0mm, 2 core fire resistant cable

2. 1.5mm, 2 core fire resistant cable

Fire-resistant cables in Nairobi Kenya
What is a fire-resistant cable?

Fire is one of the biggest risks in factories and a majority of them occur due to electrical faults. This has necessitated the need to curb the incidents of fire from the source through the development of fire resistant cables. A fire resistant cable will continue to function in the event of a fire and is also identified as a Circuit Integrity Cable.

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Fire-resistant cables in Nairobi Kenya
Fire resistant cable in Nairobi Kenya