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Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat in Nairobi Kenya

An Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat, readily available in Nairobi Kenya is a safety rubber mat designed in order to protect workers from shock. It guarantees the safety of workers/users of high voltage areas from experiencing electrical shock which might lead to injury or death in case of electrical faults or power surge. Dandy Solutions offers electrical safety matting rated 450 volts working. It is the lowest voltage matting we offer that also complies with health and safety standards. At 6mm thick this matting offers a lightweight alternative to other electrical matting products. We regularly supply this product for use on assembly lines or applications which are using a 240 volt single phase switchgear. We always recommend allowing a 90% safety margin in order to protect against potential electrical discharge.

Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat
Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat in Nairobi Kenya

Application areas of Electromats

  • Designed and highly recommended to protect operators working in high voltage environments like control panels from experiencing electrical shock in any event of electrical faults or power surge.
  • Designed and highly recommended for use in High Voltage Panels
  • Used in Sub-stations
  • Used in Power Transformer Rooms
  • Used in LT & HT Labs

Increasing the life expectancy of the matting

  • Storage
    Store in a container or package. Take care to ensure that the matting is not compressed or folded. Moreover, do not store it in proximity to steam pipes, radiators or other sources of artificial heat. Do not expose it to direct sunlight, artificial light or other sources of ozone. It is desirable that the ambient temperature be between 10°C and 21°C.
  • Transportation
    Package in an individual container of sufficient strength to properly protect the matting from damage.
  • Examination Before Use
    Each time before use, visually inspect the matting. If the matting looks unsafe, do not use it. Ensure that you return it for testing. Alternatively, return it for destroying.
  • Precautions In Use
    Do not expose it unnecessarily to heat or light. Also, do not allow it to come into contact with oil, grease, turpentine, white spirit or strong acid.

How to take care of Electrical Insulating Rubber Mat (High Voltage Electromat)

When rubber matting becomes soiled, wash it with warm water, soap and then driy it thoroughly. If insulating compounds such as paint continue to stick to the mat, immediately wipe it with a
suitable solvent, avoiding excessive solvent use, and then immediately wash and treat it as described above.
Matting which becomes wet in use or by washing should be dried thoroughly, ensuring that the temperature of the matting does not exceed 65°C

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