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Automatic Fire Extinguishers vs. Fire Sprinkler System

This article explains the key features of Automatic Fire Extinguishers vs. Fire Sprinkler System. Fire sprinklers are essential in buildings in most areas and are still a highly effective method of putting out fires. Industrial and residential fire sprinkler systems alike have a pressurized water supply. This activates when the sprinkler head is triggered by heat, similar to an automatic fire extinguisher’s operation. Fire sprinkler systems engage locally, meaning they will only go off in the area of a fire.

In most settings, fire sprinkler systems are an almost perfect means of defense against fire. However, the water released by the sprinklers can cause substantial damage—almost as much as a fire itself. For certain applications, such as electrical rooms and rooms with sensitive or fragile equipment, the risk of water damage is too great. In these cases, automatic fire extinguishers using dry chemical agents are much better options.

Automatic Fire Extinguishers are for fixed installation adjacent a fire risk and discharge automatically if a fire occurs. An automatic fire extinguisher puts out class A, B and C fires without requiring any human intervention. This is made possible through the presence of a specially designed heat-sensitive glass bulb fitted on each unit. Moreover, the bulb bursts when the temperature rises to 68°C. This makes the automatic fire extinguishers suitable for unmanned or confined locations. Such applications include engine or plant rooms, switch rooms, boats and vehicles

Reliability and Affordability

Having an unreliable fire suppression system is almost worse than not having a fire suppression system at all. It is therefore wise to understand key features of Automatic Fire Extinguishers vs. Fire Sprinkler System before installing any of the options. If you purchase an automatic fire extinguisher from Dandy Solutions, we will ensure that it will go off when you need it most and protect your vital equipment and employees.

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