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Aluminium branch pipe in Nairobi Kenya (Short Pattern)

What is a branch pipe?

A branch pipe is a basic fire fighting nozzle commonly used by most Fire Brigades. Aluminium branch pipe in Nairobi Kenya (Short Pattern) have smooth bore tips create a concentrated jet pattern of water flow with maximum reach.

Dandy Solutions LTD is the leading wholesale supplier of high quality Aluminium branch pipe in Nairobi Kenya (Short Pattern) in Nairobi Kenya. A fire hydrant system is defined as a water supply system with sufficient pressure and flow delivered through pipes throughout a building to strategically located network of valves for fire-fighting purposes. Moreover, it can also be defined as an active fire fighting connection point by which fire fighters can tap into a water supply. In a building, a fire hydrant system is a very important safety measure or emergency equipment.

It is one of the oldest but the most effective and common fire fighting solutions in the industry. A well-designed and well placed out hydrant system forms the backbone of an entire fire protection system. It includes heavy duty overhead and underground pipe lines with accessories. External hydrant valves are provided at every strategic location of the building for effective use at the time of a fire. A fire hydrant system fights off fires of huge size, in all classes of risks. It operates even if a part of the affected structure collapses.

Dandy Solutions LTD stocks the following fire hydrant systems in Nairobi Kenya:

Two Way Breeching Inlet in Nairobi Kenya

Underground Hydrant in Nairobi Kenya

Key & Bar in Nairobi Kenya

Stand Pipe in Nairobi Kenya

Landing Valve Flanged in Nairobi Kenya

Landing Valve Screwed in Nairobi Kenya

Branch Pipe in Nairobi Kenya:

-(Plastic & Aluminium Lever Operated Jet Spray)

-Aluminium branch pipe

Delivery Hose in Nairobi Kenya:

23M Rubber

30M Rubber

23M Canvas

30M Canvas

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